Galilee Investments & Enterprise (G.I.E) 

    We are
an international business development group matching promising Israeli
     innovations with overseas enterprises seeking advanced technology.

Success stories

GIE has been conducting business alliances in China and Korea since 2009, during this period our operations have led to several successful contracts between Israeli technological ventures and Chinese or Korean companies.


GIE's focuses on water and irrigation technologies, digital printing, renewable energy, agriculture and medical device technlogies. 
The company's operations have led to:
stock Investments in Israeli ventures during R&D phase.
Chinese founding of Israeli R&D.    Read more



GIE in China and Korea

GIE's infrastructure in China and Korea is based on a wide network of local agreements with strategic partners ranging from financial institutions, privately owned cooperation's to government   run organizations. GIE maintains close connections with major Chinese and Korean institutions in the following fields: 

Pharmaceutical technologies, manufacturers and distributers, local investment funds and venture capital funds, 
privately run and nationally owned companies
.  View full list

GIE strategically partners with local companies
 providing business development services, thus maintaining a "hands on" approach for accessibility on an 
ever changing market.