Company overview

G.I.E. is an international business development group 
which promotes business cooperation between Israeli companies with advanced technologies and enterprises in China, South Korea and other parts of Asia.

Our expertise covers all forms of collaboration: technology transfer, joint ventures, investments and acquisition of technology.

G.I.E. focuses its activities on those economic sectors

in which Israel’s technological expertise and cutting edge applications are widely recognized, and which have been identified as critical for continuing industrial growth in China and other emerging markets.

G.I.E.’s success in fostering international cooperation 

is based on an integrated, comprehensive approach to assessing the needs of the potential partners and facilitating all aspects of the prospective collaboration. It represents in Israel, several public international companies which have already concluded, with GIE’s assistance, several multi-million dollar contracts with Israeli companies.

G.I.E. provides the following services:

  • Introduction to the wide range of advanced Israeli technologies.;
  • Search for and careful selection of the most promising technologies according to pre-defined areas of interest and given business criteria;
  • Organization of fully scheduled business trips to Israel for pre-arranged meetings with promising ventures, accompanied at all times by members of G.I.E.'s professional team;
  • Support for international companies, interested in investing in Israeli innovations or looking to introduce new, advanced Israeli products to their markets.
  • Establishing financial ties with Israeli capital funds for co-investments.
  • Representation in Israel at all levels and stages of business activity, including monitoring services at invested companies

The technological sectors which are G.I.E.’s prime focus, are:

Water treatment including irrigation, water measurement, desalination; Renewable energy: solar energy, energy efficiency; Nanotechnology and Materials