About Us

GIE is an international business development group
which promotes business collaboration between Israeli companies with advanced technologies and enterprises inChina,South Koreaand other parts ofAsia. It focuses its activities on those economic sectors in whichIsrael’s technological expertise and cutting edge applications are widely recognized, and which have been identified as critical for continuing industrial growth inChinaand other emerging markets.

GIE’s success in fostering international cooperation
is based on an integrated, comprehensive approach to assessing the needs of the potential partners and facilitating all aspects of the prospective collaboration. Its range of services encompasses:

  • Careful selection of the most promising and suitable technologies from the portfolio of itsIsraelhi-tech clients;
  • On-site visits;
  • Formulation of the appropriate business vehicle for investment, manufacturing or marketing;
  • Enlisting the necessary support – financial or organizational – to ensure a successful collaboration.



Many of the international business projects involve the transfer of Israeli developed technologies for overseas uses. It is essential to find the appropriate format for collaboration with all the necessary components, which may include: licensing agreements, contract manufacturing, marketing & distribution, R&D cooperation, Joint Ventures, buy back measures. GIE offers its experience and good offices to help the parties to the new venture to reach an agreed, mutually beneficial arrangement.  



Through its wide network of business associates, GIE can assist its client firms to find the required financing appropriate for the relevant business development stage: whether it is an R&D project, ß site - pilot project, manufacturing facility or Joint Venture.

The financing sources include:

  • Corporate Investment,
  • Private investment & Private Equity Funds
  • VC Funds
  • Technological Incubator support,
  • Bi-national funding for Joint R&D projects,
  • Local Government Investment Funds,



 As an arid country with over 50% of its land mass defined as a desert region,Israelhas invested much effort in water preservation, and is recognized as a prime source of advanced technological solutions for water and sewage treatment, recycling, crop irrigation, desalination, water management and control systems. These technologies are highly valued worldwide in meeting the acute needs of water supply, environmental protection and public hygiene.

GIE represents both well known, established Israeli companies with a wide range of product lines and newer enterprises that have developed innovative applications.



 The increasing energy needs of emerging economies place a major financial and environmental burden on these countries. Efficient, cost effective renewable energy   solutions will be an essential component of the 21Century energy market. The Israeli renewable energy industry encompasses the latest developments in solar-thermal energy, geo-thermal energy, solar PV cells, wind generated energy and energy efficiency management. GIE’s client firms offer ground-breaking technological advances in all aspects of renewable energy.



The dramatic rise in living standards throughoutEast Asiaand other developing markets has led to increased demand for agricultural produce, so that it is vitally important to apply more efficient production models for higher yields. GIE represents a wide range of experienced enterprises in diary farming, aquaculture, controlled irrigation and hothouse cultivation – all agricultural branches in whichIsraelexcels. Through its extensive business networking, GIE can access the latest, advanced agro-tech initiatives and the project management groups most qualified to provide custom-made, integrated solutions.



Israel’s prowess in the field of digital printing, in particular the Rechovot hub of hi-tech printing processes and equipment around the Weizmann Institute for Science and Technology, is well known. GIE has successfully worked with Israeli and Chinese firms to introduce cutting edge print technologies into the Chinese market.



The development of nano-technologies and nano materials is a crucial element in the future of sophisticated manufacturing and engineering.Israelhas devoted significant resources to this sector. It has established research centers and a special grant program for promising nano-technological initiatives.

GIE is well placed to access these technologies through its knowledge of the sector and the pivotal role of one of GIE team members in the Israel Government’s Nanotechnology Consortium.



Israel’s advanced medical research institutions, its accomplished healthcare professionals and the government sponsored incubator program for technological innovation have combined to promote a high level, multi faceted medical devices industry, which has already attracted the attention of the major international health product corporations. The provision of cost effective, reliable and user friendly equipment and procedures is a basic tenet of the industry. GIE’s client base includes a substantial number of companies, which have developed sophisticated devices for diagnostics or treatment in line with this approach, which is ideally suited for the growing healthcare needs in emerging markets.