Eli Yardeni

Eli Yardeni

Eli Yardeni joined GIE's core team following the successful sale of the telecommunications company, which he founded and led from its inception to the recent buy-out.
SigValue Technology Ltd, which offers infrastructure solutions for the telecom wireless and wire-line markets, was managed by Eli from the very beginning as an entrepreneurial venture. 
As a board member and executive overseeing sales, marketing and business development, Eli developed a product and market strategy, which led the company to 25 installations worldwide, with sales of over US $23 million within its first years. Through dedication and hard work, Eli developed his company from a small startup to a globally positioned operation, with more than 75 employees.

Eli held several other key executive positions during his career, through which he acquired considerable experience working with technology companies in the telecommunication market. He worked for Pelephone Communications in the capacity of Head of the System Engineering Division, for Telrad Networks as Senior Engineer and Project Manager, and for A.T. Communication Channels.

Eli's career demonstrates his ability to manage and nurture a company from its initial stages through strategic and business development. He is highly knowledgeable in all facets of marketing technology products, including: recruiting employees, managing day by day marketing, managing a multinational sales team and working with direct agents and OEM. 
Through his considerable entrepreneurial experience, Eli brings to GIE's team a special insight into the viability of new hi-tech ventures. He has a distinct perspective on what is required to turn them into successful companies.

Eli is a graduate of the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel Institute of Technology in Electronic Engineering.

He is married with three children, and is a resident of Hod HaSharon.