GIE in China and Korea

GIE's infrastructure in China and Korea
is based on a wide network of local agreements with strategic partners ranging from financial institutions, privately owned cooperation's to government run organizations. GIE maintains close connections with  major Chinese and Korean institutions in the following fields:

A pharmaceutical venture capital fund with annual investments of 3B$,  a leading pharmaceutical distribution company with over 4500 salesmen ,and  a major network of 4000 pharmacies, hospitals and medical device manufacturers.

investment funds:

A general investment fund managing local government investments, an investment bank ranking among the 5 leading banks in China.

Privately run and nationally owned companies: (Chinese and Korean)
Aviation industries, an automotive parts manufacturer, a manufacturer of train parts, an electrical consulting company for large industrial production sequences. Agricultural companies dealing with machinery, irrigation, fertilizers, and agricultural farms. Electrical production parts manufacturer, A distribution company for intellectual property, business development companies, dental and medical device manufacturers, municipal distributers of water, water devices manufacturers and many more..

GIE strategically partners with local companies providing business development services, thus maintaining a "hands on" approach for accessibility on an ever changing market.