Our team

Company owners 

 Yitzhak Blonder

Yitzhak Blonder is the founder and CEO of 
G.I.E- Galilee
 investments & enterprise

Yitzhak served for many years in a number of senior positions in Israel and overseas for a large multi-national organization (The Jewish Agency).
As such, Yitzhak was exposed to the cultural and intellectual differences separating people living on different continents.
These experiences led Yitzhak to recognize the need to bridge those gaps in order to achieve mutual goals and aspiration. It is this realization that was the impetus behind the establishment of G.I.E

 Yitzhak resigned from his Position in Jewish agency in 2006 and founded together with Mr. Kesner Galilee Investment & Enterprise (G.I.E) LTD, an international business development company foucsing on promoting business cooperation's of advanced technologies between China & Israel. 

 Yitzhak holds a BA degree in international relations and an MA in public management. He is married with 2 children.
Yitzhak is an active member of the Rotary organization and Chairman for "The Friends of Nahariya Hospital" Foundation on a voluntary basis.

Yossi Kesner
Partner and co-owner of G.I.E- Galilee investments & enterprise. 

Yossi studied in NYC and hold BA in accounting and economy. Upon his returned to Israel in 1976 he served as a CFO and CEO in several large financial and industrial companies in Israel. In between, in 2002 he earned his Master's degree in history from the Haifa University.
Yossi resides in the Galilee and has been serving for many years in a few municipal committees on a voluntary basis.

Partners and advisors in Israel

Chaim Nagus 
General and Financial Consultant

Chaim Nagus is finance professional. He retired from the Jewish Agency in October 2003 after 27 years of service in various finance functions throughout the Agency, culminating in 7 years as Director-General of the Finance Department and Chief Financial Officer. During his service with the Jewish Agency, he was directly involved in the development and direction of programs to create employment opportunities: entrepreneurial development, small business loan funds and incubator companies for hi-tech start-ups.
Chaim is an economics graduate of the University of London, University College and studied business management in the Graduate School for Business Administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 
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Eli Yardeni

Eli Yardeni joined GIE's core team following the successful sale of the telecommunications company, which he founded and led from its inception to the recent buy-out.
SigValue Technology Ltd, which offers infrastructure solutions for the telecom wireless and wire-line markets, was managed by Eli from the very beginning as an entrepreneurial venture. 
As a board member and executive overseeing sales, marketing and business development, Eli developed a product and market strategy, which led the company to 25 installations worldwide, with sales of over US $23 million within its first years.. 
Eli is a graduate of the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel Institute of Technology in Electronic Engineering. Read More

Rafi Koriat

Mr. Koriat is the Founder and Chairman of three very large consortiums: the Sub Micron Semiconductor Consortium, OptiPac Consortium (for optical communication networks) and the Nanotechnology Consortium, all under the framework of the Israel Chief Scientist Office Program.
Mr. Koriat holds a B.Sc. from the Technion‐Israel Institute of Technology, M.Sc. from Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA and has completed an Executive Management Program at Stanford University, USA

Partners and advisors in China

Mr. Chen Lide
GIE's VP for China affairs

Senior Consultant for International investment projects, marketing for advanced products and technologies, M/A projects, business entry and expanssion of presense in China, etc based on the experiences of working as the Managing Director, President of a State big company in China, with comprehensive knowledge of various industries and enterprises, broad connections in human resources and fluent and precise communication capability in professional English.


Mrs. Wu Liqiu
GIE's representative in

 Mrs. Liqiu Wu  was until very recently the General Manger of one of China's largest water treatment company, listed in NYSE, for 13 years in Beijing, China. Mrs. Wu has in-depth understanding of the international and domestic water treatment market and the agriculture irrigation market in China. She has visited Israel 7 times on business trips and visited dozens of Israeli companies, thus possessing a deep understanding of Israel's culture and its innovative & advance technologies. Mrs. Wu is capable of building a cultural & communication bridge for the benefit of both China  & Israel's advance industries. Mrs. Liqiu Wu has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing.

Dr. Maggie Wang Fang
GIE's advisor in Shanghai

Maggie has an extensive experience in sales & marketing, business consulting and is well connected within the business community of Shanghai.  Maggie's Educational background is in medical and business management. Today Maggie Specializes in consulting and building strategies for foreign companies aiming to penetrate the Chinese market.

Partners and Advisors in Korea

Mr. David Park – Koisra 
GIE's representative in Seoul 

In his activities and his works in the commercial section of Korean embassy in Israel for 15 years, had David Park great experience in making business relationships between Korean and Israeli companies in the various industrial fields. Graduated from Hebrew University of Jerusalem (B.A.) and Tel Aviv University (M.A. Cum Laude)

Mr. Eyal Victor  Mamou  - Koisra 
GIE's representative in Seoul

An Israeli advocate at  KOISRA who is in charge of Korean and Israeli companies. The experience and achievements of KOISRA personnel provides significant advantages for business  between Korea and Israel, establishing successful business relationships between Korean companies and Israel companies . KOISRA has an inherent and intimate understanding of the Israeli and Korean markets.
Eyal Graduated from the Law School of Tel Aviv University (LL.B. and LL.M. Cum Laude)