Partners in China

Partners and advisors in China 

Mr. Chen Lide
GIE's VP for China affairs

Senior Consultant for International investment projects, marketing for advanced products and technologies, M/A projects, business entry and expanssion of presense in China, etc based on the experiences of working as the Managing Director, President of a State big company in China, with comprehensive knowledge of various industries and enterprises, broad connections in human resources and fluent and precise communication capability in professional English.


Mrs. Wu Liqiu

Mrs. Liqiu Wu has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and was until very recently the General Manger of one of China's largest water treatment company, listed in NYSE, for 13 years in Beijing, China. Mrs. Wu has in-depth understanding of the international and domestic water treatment market and the agriculture irrigation market in China. She has visited Israel 7 times on business trips and visited dozens of Israeli companies, thus possessing a deep understanding of Israel's culture and its innovative & advance technologies. Mrs. Wu is capable of building a cultural & communication bridge for the benefit of both China  & Israel's advance industries. 


Dr. Maggie Wang Fang
GIE's advisor in Shanghai

Maggie has an extensive experience in sales & marketing, business consulting and is well connected within the business community of Shanghai.  Maggie's Educational background is in medical and business management. Today Maggie Specializes in consulting and building strategies for foreign companies aiming to penetrate the Chinese market.