Partners in Korea

Partners and Advisors in Korea

Mr. David Park – Koisra 

In his activities and his works in the commercial section of Korean embassy in Israel for 15 years, had David Park great experience in making business relationships between Korean and Israeli companies in the various industrial fields. Graduated from Hebrew University of Jerusalem (B.A.) and Tel Aviv University (M.A. Cum Laude)

Mr. Eyal Victor  Mamou  - Koisra 

An Israeli advocate who is in charge of Korean and Israeli companies. Graduated from the Law School of Tel Aviv University (LL.B. and LL.M. Cum Laude)The experience and achievements of KOISRA personnel provide significant advantages for doing business between Korea and Israel. Establishing successful business relationships between Korea and Israel is a lengthy, complicated process which requires overcoming business-related obstacles such as language barriers and distinctive business cultures. KOISRA has an inherent and intimate understanding of these difficulties and will provide its customers.