Success stories

GIE has been conducting business alliances in China and Korea since 2010, during this period our operations 
have led to several successful contracts between Israeli technological ventures and local companies. 

GIE's recent success focused in water and irrigation technologies, digital printing and renewable energy.
The company's operations have led to:

stock Investment in Israeli ventures during R&D phase.
Chinese founding of Israeli R&D.
Acquisition of Israeli production sequences for Chinese operation.
Purchase of Intellectual property for water systems production.
Purchase of Intellectual property for digital printing productions.
Purchase of Israeli goods.Global distribution contracts for Israeli goods. 


  • Technology transfer of high end water valves
  • Technology transfer of digital printers
  • Technology transfer and equipment for high end irrigation systems
  • Investment in a coating plant
  • Investment in Israeli solar energy company for R&D.
  • Investment In Israeli printing company for R&D