The dramatic rise in living standards throughout East Asia and other developing markets has led to increased demand for agricultural produce, so that it is vitally important to apply more efficient production models for higher yields. GIE represents a wide range of experienced enterprises in diary farming, aquaculture, controlled irrigation and hothouse cultivation – all agricultural branches in which Israel excels. Through its extensive business networking, GIE can access the latest, advanced agro-tech initiatives and the project management groups most qualified to provide custom-made, integrated solutions.




A7. inexpensive and durable climate measuring instruments

the company develops and manufactures electronic devices that support a planned and careful use of resources. Monitoring units and control elements to optimize crop protection, the use of machinery, irrigation, and the climate in sheds or sties, etc.

A6. Irrigation company (drippers) looking for a partner in china

 A well-known Israeli  Micro irrigation  company (drippers) looking for a partner in china for a joint venture in China 

A5. Machinery & equipment for modern packinghouse

  the Company is a well-known designer & manufacturer of all the needed machinery and equipment for modern packinghouse including electro optic sorting & quality control systems. 

A4. Natural Pollination to increase corp production

 the company specializes in Natural Pollination to increase corps production in green houses and open fields.

A3. Innovative technology for production of marine fish

 the Company owns Innovative proprietary technology for intensive production of various marine fish species with proven international experience

A2 fish farms related services

 The company  Provides services related to growing fish such as: Aquatic veterinary services; Clinical studies related to medicines and food additives for fish; Consulting services to fish farmers, and to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies; Initiation of and participation in research and development projects. 

A1. agricultural and industrial pre-fabricated construction

The company is Specializing in agricultural and industrial pre-fabricated construction & Turnkey projects. Primarily constructs breeders, broilers and layers farms (poultry & livestock farms) and supported plants as Feed Mills, Hatcheries, Slaughterhouse and others up thousands of square meters each year and become a world leader in this field