The increasing energy needs of emerging economies place a major financial and environmental burden on these countries. Efficient, cost effective renewable energy   solutions will be an essential component of the 21Century energy market. The Israeli renewable energy industry encompasses the latest developments in solar-thermal energy, geo-thermal energy, solar PV cells, wind generated energy and energy efficiency management. GIE’s client firms offer ground-breaking technological advances in all aspects of renewable energy.

Energy & Environment

Energy & Environment

E7. A unique wind turbine solutions yeilding higher energy

 The company is offering a unique wind turbine solutions that yield an higher energy at much lower costs and longer life.
looking for Strategic partner and for investments.

E6. biocatalyst substitutes for production of biodiesel fuels

 The company Developed biocatalyst substitutes to chemical catalysts presently used for production of biodiesel fuels. Unlike chemical catalysts biocatalysts are environmentally benign and lower the total production costs of biodiesel fuels. Looking for a strategic partner.

E5. efficient Honeycomb solar/thermal collector for cold temp

 The company  Developed the world’s most efficient Honeycomb solar/thermal collector and the first to provide a commercially viable solution for cold temperate climates. TIGI’s Honeycomb can produce year-round heat energy at lower costs than any other known alternatives. It is field-proven, simple to integrate into new or existing heating systems and ready for mass production

E4. wireless monitoring solutions for high-voltage power grids

The company offers low-cost on-line wireless monitoring solutions for high-voltage power grids. The solutions are comprised of unique sensors that can be easily spread over hundreds of km, and operate for 10 to 20 years without maintenance. The solutions enable power utility companies to improve power quality and reduce operation costs dramatically

E3. Revolutionary particle hybrid solar air conditioning

 The company offers the first particle hybrid solar air conditioning technology for residential & small offices space. Easy to install and operate, provides heat-driven cooling and heating and seamlessly switches to electricity-driven mode during off-sun conditions. This energy-saving technology offers better efficiency and significant cost reductions in comparison to other solar air conditioning systems available today in the market.

E 2 Reduction of pollution from power stations

Reduction of pollution from power stations-the company developed a unique and a very cost effective open spray tower technology for combined removal of Sulfur Oxide (SOx) up to 99%, Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) up to 95% and Mercury up to 98% and other heavy metals from combustion flue gases emitted from power stations and other facilities burning fossil fuel.


E1. Revolutionary photovoltaic printing technology

designing printed glass and PVC dye solar cells (high efficiency / low cost) for the power module market (on-grid and off-grid) also conducting a prototype project for flexible printed solar cells on plastic film.

Looking for a strategic partner possessing equipment expertise and OR large industrial firm specializing expertise and OR large industrial firm specializing in organic synthesis of dye materials (organic dye molecules – not paint).