Israel has been long recognized as a major hub for technological innovation.
In this section you'll find GIE's carefully selected innovators.
The following innovations are an example of our capabilities searching and scanning the world for advanced technologies to match your needs.



Other technologies

Other technologies

O4. A Technological Incubator for Medical Devices & Clean..

 Technological Incubator A prestige Technological Incubator for Medical Devices & Clean-teach state of the art technologies. Looking for investments


O3. residential & commercial networking technology

 The comapny Provides cutting edge-technology for the last-mile for residential & commercial networking, and access semiconductor solutions for variety of applications. 

O2. a new engine with improved performance and efficiency

 The company developed a new engine concept that combines the optimal attributes of the volumetric internal combustion reciprocating engine and the gas turbine continuous flow engine into a single, cost-effective engine that offers improved performance and efficiency with lower emissions. 

O1. Robots and equipment for complicated pipe works

 Orbital Robotic - Out field portable robots and equipment for all complicated pipe works. The technology is for sale