As an arid country with over 50% of its land mass defined as a desert region,Israel has invested much effort in water preservation, and is recognized as a prime source of advanced technological solutions for water and sewage treatment, recycling, crop irrigation, desalination, water management and control systems. These technologies are highly valued worldwide in meeting the acute needs of water supply, environmental protection and public hygiene.
GIE represents both well known, established Israeli companies with a wide range of product lines and newer enterprises that have developed innovative applications. 


Water technologies

Water technologies

W4.A global provider of water efficiency solutions

W4 The company is a Well-known Urban Water Efficiency management - www.miya-water.com (CH). A global provider of comprehensive urban water efficiency solutions enables its customers to save water and energy, reducing costs, increasing revenues and lowering contamination risk. looking for projects and local strategic partner. 

W3. micro-irrigation company (drippers) seeks partner in China

  The company is a Well-known micro-irrigation company (drippers) looking for a partner in china for a joint venture in China and India

W2. real time water quality analyzers and controller

The company  provides a real time water quality analyzers and controller for industrial municipal and privet facilities.  Looking for investments, projects and distributors.

W1. wireless M2M online remote control solutions

 W1. The company provides wireless M2M online remote control solutions for mission-critical equipment and industrial systems in the fields.
Looking for Partners, investments and projects